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Marital Property

In South Carolina, the Family Court is vested with the power to divide the marital property of parties who are seeking to divorce. You may be wondering, what exactly is marital property? Well, South ...
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Mediation Practice in South Carolina

Mediation is now required in all 46 South Carolina Counties in civil and domestic cases, with limited exceptions. The Finkel Law Firm has been at the forefront of the mediation process from the ...
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Family Law, Divorce and Mediation

By Attorney Anthony Charles Increasingly, mediation of divorce and custody disputes is becoming the norm. In South Carolina, there are currently 33 counties that require mediation of Family Court ...
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Child Custody and Child Support- Modification

Determining whether a parent is entitled to modify an existing child support order depends on your unique circumstances. The Family Courts of the State of South Carolina must consider the "best ...
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Family Law, Divorce and Domestic Issues- The UCCJEA

When parents live in different states determining the proper state to decide child custody disputes can be complex. We live in a mobile society. People move around, often between states. People move ...
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