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Mediation Practice in South Carolina


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Mediation is now required in all 46 South Carolina Counties in civil and domestic cases, with limited exceptions.

The Finkel Law Firm has been at the forefront of the mediation process from the beginning in South Carolina. The firm has a history of promoting meaningful resolutions in civil and family court disputes. By order dated November 12, 2015, the Supreme Court of South Carolina has now mandated mediation in all 46 counties in both civil and domestic cases, with limited exceptions for certain types of cases. Harry Goldberg has been a certified civil court mediator since 1995. He has a record of assisting litigants and their attorneys in settling their cases. He is past chairman of the Alternative Dispute Resolution section of the South Carolina Bar. He has participated in numerous Continuing Legal Education programs on mediation as well as speaking to various non-lawyer audiences on the benefits of mediation. Anthony Charles is a certified family court mediator and regularly works to resolve disputes involving the division of marital assets, child support and alimony in domestic cases. Truett Nettles is a certified mediator and arbitrator in both state and federal courts and has handled commercial and business matters for over thirty years.

If you are in need of mediation services, please do not hesitate to contact the Finkel Law Firm at (803) 470-0118 or visit us at to book a mediation date.

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