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Auto Accidents - Filing a Claim


Do I need a lawyer to file an auto claim?

Car Accident

So you have just been in a car accident. If you are injured and/or your vehicle has been damaged, you may have a legal right to recover from the at-fault party or perhaps from your own insurance. So what’s next? The at-fault party should provide you and the reporting officer with proof of insurance, but what happens if he/she is uninsured? What happens if the police never arrive or fail to issue a report?

Even if you do receive the appropriate insurance information and set up a claim, without a lawyer, you will often be immediately bombarded with requests from the insurance company for documents, authorizations, and recorded statements. These requests will become more than just a headache as much of the information they seek is not relevant and is designed to minimize the value of your claim and maximize your headaches.

Insurance companies will often seek to minimize their insured’s exposure and pay you as little as possible. They will automatically devalue your claim because you are not represented by an attorney. If you have been in an accident, contact the Finkel Law Firm to set up a free consultation with lawyer to discuss your claim and what we can do to maximize its value.

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