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What Are the Benefits of Mediation in South Carolina?

Almost all law suits are settled without a trial. However, usually that point is reached only after costly discovery and depositions, expensive trial preparation and numerous delays. Mediation has been found to be a very effective and cost efficient method of resolving civil cases without incurring the high cost and uncertainty of a jury trial. It is for these reasons that many lawyers and litigants seek alternative means to resolve their disputes.

Mediation offers satisfactions that the litigation system cannot hope to offer, including:

  1. Speed
  2. Choice of mediator
  3. Flexibility as to time and place
  4. Low cost
  5. Privacy and confidentiality
  6. Mutually acceptable results
  7. Control of the outcome

As a neutral third party, the goal of the mediator is to solve the problem which exists between the parties. Fault-finding, or assessing blame is a function of the jury and is not part of the mediation process. Presently, mediation of civil cases is mandatory in many counties in South Carolina, including Richland County.

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Currently there are 33 South Carolina Counties that are mandatory mediation counties. The Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) rules require that prior to any Family Court case being set for a final hearing or trial on the merits, the parties are required to attend mediation. The South Carolina Board of Arbitrator and Mediator Certification has certified that Anthony J. Charles is approved to serve as family court mediator, effective July 21, 2014. Mr. Charles has completed the family court mediation training program required by the ADR rules and is a firm and passionate believer in the mediation process. Mediation allows the parties involved to creatively craft their own agreement through negotiation and compromise and remove themselves from the often contentious and costly realm of family court litigation.

Harry Goldberg is one of the Firm's managing partners and has been a certified civil court mediator since 1995. He has a record of assisting litigants and their attorneys in settling their cases. He is past chairman of the Alternative Dispute Resolution section of the South Carolina Bar. He has participated in numerous Continuing Legal Education programs on mediation as well as speaking to various non-lawyer audiences on the benefits of mediation. Harry has appeared on television discussing the benefit of mediation in South Carolina. Mr. Goldberg has been selected for inclusion in the 2012 edition of the Best Lawyers in America in the practice of mediation & arbitration.

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