Homeowners’ Association Law (HOA/POA)

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The Homeowners’ Association (HOA), Property Owners’ Association (POA), Condominium Association, and more are all notorious for requiring their stringent regulations be met by anyone who falls under their jurisdiction in South Carolina. If you control a set of property or real estate and want to manage your own HOA as well, you will need to navigate one of the most intricate and delicate set of rules out there. Not only will you need to comply with preexisting regulations, but you also must be aware that your decisions and actions can affect the homes and livelihood of the people on your property.

To prepare yourself for the difficulties ahead, team up with Finkel Law Firm LLC and their Columbia Homeowners’ Association law attorneys. Originally founded in 1970, they have years of experience guiding property managers and real estate entrepreneurs through thick and thin. When you want a professional eye on your dealings and a steady hand when it comes to litigation matters, contact the firm at (803) 470-0118.

How a Columbia HOA Attorney Can Help

The Homeowners’ Association imparts a deed-restriction on a set of property or real estate. The rules they create can determine how you and your tenants interact with the environment, what needs to be done during a natural disaster or catastrophe, and even what sort of paint can go on the street-facing side of your buildings. If you want to avoid fees and legal disputes with the HOA in your community, or if you want to operate an HOA of your own, you must ensure that all rules and guidelines are clear enough to follow, and then followed precisely. This is where the Columbia real estate lawyers from Finkel Law Firm step in and help you avoid critical mistakes.

Services and legal guidance our HOA attorneys can provide you include:

  • Collection management
  • Construction defects and disputes
  • Drafting or revising governing documents
  • Enforcement of covenants
  • Filing and organizing liens and foreclosures
  • Governance, financial/accounting, and capital reserves issues
  • Land use, zoning, planning, permitting, and environmental issues
  • Risk management

The Columbia attorneys at the firm are admitted to practice in all state and federal courts of South Carolina, so no matter where you live, they can be the ones to help you. In addition to having a strong focus on Homeowners’ Association matters, they are renowned for their abilities in general litigation. Whether your case must be prepared for court or you require appellate counsel, our HOA lawyers can represent you from start to finish. Visit our lawyer reviews to see why clients hire us when they're looking for the best lawyer to fight an HOA.

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