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Finkel Law Firm LLC understands that if you have been charged with a crime in South Carolina, you will need an experienced defense team for the best possible outcome. Facing any legal trouble is a harrowing experience. From getting accused of a crime to appearing in front of a judge, there is no simple way of facing any criminal charges. Based on the complexity of the crime, as well as the escalation of the charges, securing legal counsel is imperative to address your case effectively.

How Can a Criminal Defense Attorney Help Me?

Criminal defense attorneys offer advice to individuals who are facing criminal charges and provide the counsel needed to fight against a wide range of criminal allegations. Criminal defense attorneys support and defend any person accused of any crime, from misdemeanors to felonies, helping them plead their case in court. For most attorneys, these matters might range from straightforward misdemeanor cases to more significant crimes, demanding a thorough understanding of all state criminal law statutes. Criminal defense attorneys can analyze your case from all possible perspectives because they have the knowledge and expertise gained from working in the criminal justice system. They are aware of how criminal charges are developed, handled, and justified from both the states and the defense’s points of view.

Why Choose Us?

With an emphasis on building solid attorney-client relationships based on communication, honesty, and trust, our experienced attorney’s work hard to protect your reputation and minimize the impact of a criminal charge.

With each client we will carefully review your case to provide a well-thought-out criminal defense strategy for an unrelenting defense. We aim to negotiate the greatest viable result while helping our clients to avoid the stress of an extensive, drawn-out trial process.

The criminal laws in South Carolina can become complicated very quickly, and the consequences of a conviction can be life changing. With our experienced legal representation, you can confidently move through the process with assurance that your voice will be heard, and your case effectively pursued.

No matter the offense, you can count on us to handle your case ethically and legally to achieve your desired result. Our top priority is providing the highest quality of service.

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