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Information Regarding Bankruptcy in Columbia, SC

The primary goal of the bankruptcy and insolvency division is to handle consumer and commercial bankruptcy matters for clients either in a pre-filing, negotiation or post-filing stage in Chapter 7, 11 or 13.

Whether prior to or after filing a bankruptcy petition, insolvency matters require immediate attention. This department is set up to provide quality legal services in the shortest period of time at the least expense to the client.


The client and attorney discuss the strategy of representation throughout representation. The client is provided, for example, with copies of correspondence and pleadings such as motions for lift of stay, motions for prohibiting use of collateral, objections to disclosure statements and plans of reorganization, motions to use cash collateral, notices of sale, and complaints. The client needs for documentation can be tailored as to the frequency and type of documents sent to the client and as to the number of client contacts desiring the documents.

Bankruptcy Referral Status Sheets are provided to the client for lease in recording pertinent dates and deadlines. This report can be tailored to the needs of the client.


Insolvency matters range from simple to complex pre-petition negotiations to simple or complex post-petition representation. The bankruptcy and insolvency division has its own litigators, but if necessary, can draw from the Firm's general litigation division for experience in certain areas.


Pre-Petition negotiations associated with the treatment of the lending institution vary. A time strategy on each matter is developed and met. As to bankruptcy representation, time is of the essence. The Bankruptcy Code sets a number of deadlines varying from 10, 25, 60 and 120 days, which tend to push the cases to fruition swiftly. Time is of the essence in these matters, and we meet all deadlines and work within a time strategy set by client and counsel.

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